Black and White and Red All Over

Hellooooo, loverlies! I *really* tried to get this post published yesterday, but ….. *fail* :-/  That’s why I didn’t join the Blogger Challenge – coz if I had, I’d be like *epic fail.* Well, better late than never, right?  Ok, first let me just say that I’m really just doing this post for myself and all those that love silentsparrow.  Hya certainly doesn’t need my puny attempts at GIMP – she has some of the most awesome bloggers- true artists – who showcase her work so beautifully.  But I really want to blog what I love, and I can’t help it, I *love* silentsparrow!  So, feel free to bypass this (and I’m sorry for the length – hopefully the cuts will work. ;-)), but if you love silentsparrow as much as I do, I hope you enjoy……

So, the night before last, I logged on and went straight to silentsparrow.  The 50% off sale is going strong and should last for a few more days at least.  This poor avi is now seriously short of lindens coz even though they’re half price, silentsparrow still ain’t cheap.  But that’s ok because they really are worth every linden Hya charges because every one of them is a work of art – gorgeous, hand-drawn Victorian/gothy art for your avatar.  I picked up four things, three of which I’ll show you.  The fourth is not for your eyes. 😉  I’m *not* that kind of a girl.  Well, maybe I am, but not at the moment.  lol

First up is the first of the black and white ensembles I snagged – the Selador outfit in ash.  This is the outfit that was available as a limited hunt in other colors.  You may remember that I blogged the gorgeous candy (pinkish) version of this earlier.  To accent this luscious outfit, I’m also wearing jewelry by DarionMonkee Designs (again, *not* Dark Mouse – which several of us have gotten confused about due to the “DM” moniker).  I also have on a bracelet from EarthStones, the Beaded Bangles.  Some of my all-time favorite jewelry was EarthStones Dangle Beads and Beaded Bangles, but SL ate my entire jewelry and dresses collection last year during the Great Inventory Nom.  I have yet to re-collect all that I lost due to lack of lindens. Grrrrrr.  Also, don’t you love these shoes?  I really love Damen Gorilla’s (Adam n Eve) shoes – I don’t know who else makes shoes that are so Victorian and luscious.  These are the Bronte Black Velvet shoes, by the way, which I bought when I couldn’t find any more Bien Faits for sale there.  Of course, a few seconds later, someone told me that the Bien Faits were available (discounted!) on xstreet. I have no regrets – these are gorgeous.

Next up, black and white number two – the Fleur dress, also in ash.  I bought this baby in red earlier (did I blog it?) but was in a very b&w mood the other day for some reason.   This outfit, as usual, comes with tons of options – you can even wear it without the boob covering and wear the included fleur de lis pasties.  Noooo, you’re not going to see that here.  😉  With this outfit, I had to put on Violet Voltaire’s Hethr necklace and Schadenfreude’s Fleur de Lis earrings (I mean come on – *Fleur* ya know?)  Again, I’m wearing shoes from Adam n Eve  – this time the Beatrice shoes – did I mention how awesome Damen’s shoes are??  Yeah, ok.


Finally, for a slight change of scenery, I give you the Lottie Ballgown Suite in blood.  Mmmmmm *blood* – my vampire self licks her lips over her pointy fangs.  So rich, so beautiful.  I’m not actually wearing the ballgown skirt, though; I’m wearing the other skirt option. And as you can see, you can choose to wear the jacket or not.  The jacket also comes with prim cuffs, which I’m not wearing.  And, on ma feets – more Adam n Eve  goodies – one of my favorites, the Bien Fait Victoriana shoes.  I have to draw attention to the choker – it’s by Dare Designs and was a hunt prize (Twisted Hunt, I think).  I love this because it has “DD” on it- and I know it stands for Dare Designs, but my name is Desiree Debruyere, so it works for me, too. 😀  Hee hee – it’s “personalized.”

Next time – Blue Blood.  I promised Ghanima, and I always keep my promises – eventually. 😉

 Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc.  *mwah*!

Outfit No. 1
Dress – silentsparrow – Selador – ash
Bracelet (left) & earrings – DarionMonkee Designs– Stone Life Collection – Purity
Bracelet (right) – EarthStones – Beaded Bangles – ice
Shoes – Adam n Eve – Bronte Black Velvet
Eyes – Miriel – Snow
Hair – IROLLIC – Jemini – cream (no SLURL coz the store no longer exists – grrrrr!)
Shape – Kirei – Mary – Atomic Opening Gift (edited)
Skin – Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation – Vogue – Pure (Vamp-Seduce)
Outfit No. 2
Dress – silentsparrow– Fleur – ash
Shoes – Adam n Eve – Beatrice – Black
Eyes – same
Skin – Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation – Vogue – Karma Destiny Pure
Hair – same
Shape – Same! lol
Necklace – Violet Voltaire – Hethr – Silver/Black (try xstreet)
Earrings – Schadenfreude  – Fleur de Lys – light
Outfit No. 3
Dress – silentsparrow – Lottie Ballgown Suite (blood)
Earrings – Violet Voltaire – Gutter Glitter (try xstreet)
Choker – Dare Designs – Blood Vial necklace – ruby special edition
Monocle – Sanu – Greatest Love Earthbound Monocle Black
Shoes – Adam n Eve – Bien Fait – Victoriana
Hair – Damselfly – Rylie – Ruby Twilight Warm
Skin – Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation/Vogue – Pure (Vamp- Seduce)
Eyes – same
Shape – Same!

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