I am so lucky today!  I found a giant box of cuppy cakes left all alone.

Katatonik Le Cupcake RFL Box o Cupcakes

Lookee!  I haz a cuppy cake!

I haz a cupcake

Do you wanta cuppy cake?

Doyawanta cupcake

Mmmmm! This cuppy cake looks really yummy!mmmmm cupcake


Mine!  Get your own cuppy cake!

You cannot haz

Dress – Katat0nik  Le Cupcake Dress- RFL edition
Hair – Truth – Louisa – silver
Skin – Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation Vogue – Pure Celestial Eternal
Eyes – Miriel  Standard Snow
Shape – Mary (edited) – Kirei  Atomic opening gift
Bracelet – left – Rainbow Snail Design  – cupcake bracelet
Bracelet – right- Weber- frosty pink cupcake band
Boots – Orage Creations – Bubble Boots
Necklace – Violet Voltaire  – Cake or Death Necklace – Wedding
Birthday Cupcake – Serenity Style Urban Shopper  B-Day gift (came with outfit)
Mouth Cupcake – Cuppy-Cake – *Muffled by the Cupcake*
Cupcake Box – Doux Petit Dahl  – Cutest Box of Cupcakes Pose Scene

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