I feel so….. vintage!

Good day, purty ladies.  Today I’m documenting two outfits that I had a hard time removing from my pixilated body (coz I loved them so much, not becoz they were “stuck” or something).  I logged on Monday and fortuitously got semi-spammed by the silentsparrow group chat with some guy looking for the not-so-secret sale room.  Apparently SL borked my silentsparrow messages yet again coz I didn’t even know that there was a retirement sale going on all weekend and ending Monday.  Grrrrrr.  So, guess what I did?  Yep.  TP’d immediately and went a little nuts.  I mean, c’mon, silentsparrow outfits for L$100? I’m all over that, baby.

 So, first up is the Etienne outfit. It reminds me of katat0nik, except without the kawaii cupcakes, animals, skullies, etc.  But the textures are simply amazing and so obviously hand-painted and original.  My standby vintage shoes, Adam n Eve’s Bien Fait Victoriana, worked so perfectly, too. (Note to self, check if AnE still sells these and buy more colors!)  The freebie hair from Tiny Bird (Maggie) works perfectly, I think. I also just love the whole avian thing I’ve got going on here, too (silentsparrow, Tiny Bird, lol), and I’m also wearing a bird tattoo from Tiny Bird on my shoulder as well. (mesohappy).  Facepalm!  I shoulda worn the Violet Voltaire bracelet with the bird cages!  

Silent Sparrow Etienne composite

Next up is the Acanthium outfit, which is fairly low lag and looks soooo polished and classy. It has just a tiny poof of prims for the bustle.  Trust me, it looks even better inworld. Semi-transparent prims are a bitch  to photograph/GIMP.  This dress also gave me another excuse to pop on a monocle by Sanu – this one in berry just matches perfectly.  And this hair! I haven’t been able to take it off for a few days – it’s by Vignette, called May, another freebie/dollarbie for the fatpack (still available – go now!).  It also gave me an excuse to pull out my Royal Blue lucky chair boots from last December (oh, how I stalked *that* chair!). 

 Silent Sparrow Acanthium composite

So, I hope you like.  Both of these outfits have now been retired, I believe, but mayhaps they are hiding in your inventory, awaiting discovery? Drag em out, dust em off, and be fabulous!


Photo 1:
Dress – silentsparrow – Etienne (rose)
Skin – Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation (Vogue) – Pure (Vamp – Seduce)
Eyes – Miriel Standard Snow
Shape – Trina – Shape by Alexxis
Necklace and Bracelet (L) – Magika gift – heart ring (not worn), bracelet and necklace
Bracelet (right) – Violet Voltaire – Gutter Glitter (color change)
Earrings and Monocle – Sanu – Pip’s Quest
Shoes – Adam n Eve – Bien Fait Victoriana
Hair – Tiny Bird freebies – Maggie in Black Bean
Tattoo (on shoulder): Tiny Bird – smudge shoulder bird
Photo 2:
Dress, stockings and gloves – silentsparrow – Acanthium (blues)
Hair – Vignette – May (Charcoal)
Eyes – Miriel Sapphire
Monocle – Sanu – Greatest Love (Berries)
Necklace & Earrings- Genesis – Damsel- The Triquetra (Platinum)
Bracelet (left) – Yak & Yeti – Devdas Indian glas bangle set
Bracelet  (right) – Violet Voltaire – Gutter Glitter (color change)
Boots – Royal Blue – lucky chair gift – Royal heavy metal
Tattoo – Tiny Bird– Smudge – shoulder bird 

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