“Do You Dig-it?” or “Rock the Kasbah!”

It’s been awhile since anyone showed any blogger love to that purveyor of flowy/blowy dresses, Digit Darkes.  I was once a member of her group and looked forward to her Secret Sale Sunday Hunts. She stopped doing those many moons ago, and I eventually dropped out to chase after freebies.  Before I left her group, however, I bought a gift card during a 50% off sale.  It’s been lying around my inventory for longer than I care to admit; and I’ve been feeling kinda guilty for not dropping in to check out what she’s been up to.  I’m loyal like that. 🙂  So, when I saw a blog about her new releases, I decided to go and spend that gift card.

 I know the Kasbah dress is sort of “yesterday’s news,” but I couldn’t afford it when it was new. So, this is for all of you that drooled and lusted over it and never bought it.  Ladies, it’s now only L$200!!  Waaaaay down, I say – so there’s really no excuse now. See?  It’s still absolutely gorgeous.  I feel like I should be dancing for my sultan in this. 😉  Where the hell will I actually wear it?  No freaking idea! But it’s too pretty to pass up.  I like just walking around my little island in it.  It moves so beautifully – it’s utterly captivating.

Digit Darkes Kasbah Dress

While looking for the elusive Kasbah dress (it’s located on the 2nd floor), I also picked up these two items – one fairly new – the Boho dress –mmmm, hot! – and the Black and White Affair dress (which I *had* purchased once before, but Linden Labs borked my inventory around last October and *ate* this dress, among *thousands* of other things.  (Don’t get me started. Grrrrr…..))  The Boho dress is a belted wrap dress that (ooops!) has come almost totally unwrapped. Be warned – you will show some skin with this one.

Anyway, how hot is this?  Pretty damned hot!  So, go show Digit some retail lovin’ – her designs are still some of the classiest sexy stuff around.  (Oh, I would have blogged her latest, but it’s already been done, and I’m a thrifty shopper.)

 Digit Darkes Boho (outside) and Affair (center)


 Picture 1:

Dress:  Digit Darkes– Kasbah

Skin:  Cupcakes – Lovespell Lace – Valentine

Hair – Analog Dog – n curl dark – black

Eyes – Miriel Standard Snow

Shape – Trina – Shape by Alexxis

Necklace – Secrets of Gaia – Horned Garnet Dagger Necklace Silver (hunt item – Twisted?)

Earrings – BeBae Skins – Tri Tier – Silver

Bangles – Digit Darkes – Couture Chunky Bangles – Couture BIG ASS studded Bracelet and Couture triple row studded bracelet

Underwear  (sorry didn’t want to show my naughty bits) – Alphamale and Blacklace – Passionate Touch – Chocolate Satin panties (part of shamrock hunt gift)

Boots – First Flower – Hollyhock Overtone Black Shine


Picture 2 – Outer Pictures:

Dress – Digit Darkes Boho Dress

(All same accessories/hair, etc. I think)


Picture 2 – Inner Pictures: 

Dress – Digit Darkes – Affair Slip Dress- white/black

Shape:  My own (the “real Des”)

Skin – same as above

Hair – Vignette – May – Midnight – freebie (go get it now!)

Nailpolish – AnnaH red passion

Shoes- Unique Needs – Death Dolly Goth Mary Janes

Necklace – EarthStones Dangle Beads Necklace- Mother of Pearl

Earrings –EarthStones – Opal and Diamond Earrings – Easter Egg No. 12 from hunt

Bracelet (left) – EarthStones Subscriber gift bag – Stone Bangles – Dramatic

Bracelet (right) – Digit Darkes – Couture – triple row studded bracelet


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