Avid is still awesome!

Just a quick post to show off the outfit I got recently from Avid on sale (!) at RFyre’s location.  I’ve loved Avid forever, but have rarely been able to afford their steep prices.  Also, I know hand drawn textures are “in” and photosourced textures are “out” due to all the copyright infringement problems designers have been dealing with, but I still love Avid.  Anyway, these pictures hardly do their textures justice.  I must not have clicked “high resolution” image. 😦


No outfit info this time; I was a lazy blogger when I took these pics, and I’m still lazy coz I’m posting this before going inworld to look anything up, including the name of the outfit.  Sheesh. I do remember that everything I’m wearing came with the outfit, including the boots (yay boots!) and the tats.  I think the hair is one I picked up on a recent sale at……erm……I don’t remember. lol I’ll edit this post later….maybe. *yawn*  Later, gators.


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