My First Post – OMG!

Well, here I go.  I’ve been saying for almost a year now that I was going to join the ubiquitous blogging community.  I don’t pretend to assume that *anyone* will ever read my blog entries.  So, I am going to write this for myself – as a way of keeping a scrapbook of Des through her many incarnations. I will also post the “what I’m wearing” details, although at first I have no idea how to do that linky thing.   So it won’t help anyone, but of course, no one but me is reading this, right?? lol

So, do you know what “acquisitive” means? Do ya? Huh?  Well, it kinda means “greedy” in the sense of acquiring lots of stuff.  But I look at it as quite normal for a Second Life fashion-loving avatar.  I started out like everyone else with a tiny inventory.  It’s now bulging at about 45K items – and there would be probably twice that much if I hadn’t inexplicably lost *folders* and *folders* of stuff a few  months ago.  So, Desiree is *who* I am, but Acquisitive is *what I am. 😛

This is my pitiful first attempt at a mashup pic.  Please don't hurt me. ;-)

This is my pitiful first attempt at a mashup pic. Please don't hurt me. 😉

Honestly, I cannot believe that I’m doing my first blog entry in an avatar that is not really “Des.”  When I first rezzed, someone gave me a shape called “Shape Thin” and over the course of the first month, I tweaked and tweaked her until I thought (and still do) that she is absolute perfection.  Yet, lately, I’ve been exploring other shapes. My identity is no longer tied exclusively to one avatar.  Weird how my SL experience changes over time.
Anywho, blah, blah, blah… come on, Des, give me the details!  Whatcha wearin’?
Ok…ok.. Nothing earth-shatteringly new or unique (meaning not blogged before) –

Shape- Ashia Designs – Avatar Pack Freestyle – Timeless Shape, Modified by Moi (Des)

Eyes – Miriel Sapphire

Hair – Redlic Free Hair #F001 Chocolate Brown

Skin – DN Vogue Skin – Pure Celestial – Eternal (Deviant Nation)

Boots – Coquette – Quin Boots Brown

Top: Ki2 – Lady of the Pins

Jewelry: FD – Mystic Beaded Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

Bracelet – Yak & Yeti Filigree Tibetan Bracelet with Turquoise

Skirt – Total Betty Stardust Turquoise

Belt – Digital Adornments – SkyStone Belt


So, how did I do?  Oh wait – there’s no one there but me.  *slaps forehead*  Anyway, here’s another crappy shot (yeah, I have virtually no Photoshop/GIMP skills whatsoever).

Another shot - "Hey, Des!" "Who? Me?"

Another shot - "Hey, Des!" "Who? Me?"

So, that’s it.  OMG, I can’t believe I did this.  If you happen to find this post and actually read it, please leave me a *kind* message.  lol  Or not.  whatever.

2 thoughts on “My First Post – OMG!

  1. Wow. I just happened across this site accidentally. That Des is a looker!

    Ok. Well not really. I didn’t happen across this site … but Des *IS* a looker! I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Des in all of her incarnations and every time it’s been … WOW!

    Can’t wait to see the other Des’s here 🙂

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